Add a Menu Item

To add a new menu item:

  • Access Website>Menus.
  • Click the desired menu.
  • Select the Add a Link button in the top right.
  • Enter a Label. This will be the name of the menu item that you will see on the public view of the website.
  • Choose the destination of the menu item by clicking the Choose button.

Internal Pages (on your website)

  • Scroll the page list or enter the name of the page in the search bar at the top (additional results can be viewed by clicking the results page arrows at the bottom).
  • Click the Select button.
  • Choose Save.

External Websites

  • Select the URL tab
  • Copy and paste the URL into the Page Address field. 

Make sure the "http://" (or "https://") is included, otherwise, the link will not be valid.

  • Hit the Choose URL button.
  • Check the New Window box (this generates the link in a new browser tab).
  • Choose Save.

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