Add Twitter Feed

Twitter offers users a number of different options in terms of plugins that you can add to your website. There are options for activity feeds, "Tweet" buttons, "Follow" buttons and more. Each of the available options is described on the Twitter Social Plugins page. This article will specifically walk you through adding a Twitter Feed only.

Step 1: Create Twitter Feed

  • Login with your Twitter account information.
  • Access this webpage:
  • Click the "Embed" link beneath the preview - you will be prompted to login again.
  • Enter your Twitter handle in the Username field.
  • Choose the appropriate settings for your block. (Width will automatically adjust to your margin).
  • Changes that you make will refresh in the preview to the right.
  • Once you've verified your settings, select the Create Widget button.
  • Highlight & copy the code provided in the box below the preview.

Step 2: Create Twitter Feed Block (CMS)

  • Open your Blocks Manager via Website>Blocks.
  • Select New Block.
  • Choose the Markup option.  This offers you a full editor for adding content, just like your pages do.
  • Select the position. If you are unsure of which to choose, click the “Show me the wireframe” link for a visual of where each position is located, relative to your site.
  • Enter a name. Make sure this is specific enough so that you can differentiate it from other blocks in future editing sessions.
  • Click Create My Block.

Step 3: Add Twitter Widget Code (CMS)

  • Click the Source button on the 1st row toolbar.
  • Paste the code you had copied in step 1 by using your keyboard shortcut - hold CTRL and press V.
  • Adjust other block settings (position, visibility, etc.) if you choose to do so.
  • Click Save Block.
  • Be sure the block is active by adjusting its Status setting to On.

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