Edit Image (Photo Editor)

One of the great things about our CMS is that standard photo editing tools are built directly into the editor, avoiding the hassle of having to work through another program. Everything can be done in one place!

The editor offers more than a dozen useful editing/enhancement tools. Most commonly used are the Crop and Resize tools which are described below. Additional help articles will be added for other notable tools.

To access: within the Media Manager, hover the image and select the 'Gear' icon

1. Apply Edits


Option 1 - Custom - Manual Drag

  • Click and hold the circular corners to drag and resize the image.

Option 2 - Set Custom Dimensions

  • Enter in the pixels in the Width and Height fields. The dimensions will auto-generate the crop box.

Option 3 - Preset Ratios/Shapes

  • Select a preset option.


  • Enter either the Height or Width. The opposite dimension will constrain automatically to keep the image in proper proportion.

2. Apply Changes & Save

  • When you are done cropping, resizing or editing with any other tool, select the Apply button.
  • Click Save.

Option 1 - Replace Current Image (Overwrite)

  • Click Replace Current Image.
  • 'X' out of the photo editor.
  • To see your updated image hold Control (Ctrl) on your keyboard and hit the F5 button. This clears the cache and allows your updated image to display.

Option 2 - Save With a New Filename (Recommended)

An alternate filename will be automatically generated using your existing filename followed by today's date. You may choose to use that, or preferably, change the name to something of your liking.

  • Highlight and delete everything you do not want in the filename UP TO the file extension. The extension will be represented by either ".jpg" or ".png".
  • Enter your new filename. For example add "-2" or "-edited" after your original filename.
  • Check to make sure your file extension is still at the end of the filename, then click Save Image.
  • 'X' out of the photo editor.
  • To see your new image, press the F5 button on your keyboard.

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