Can I Redirect Pages/Documents from My Previous Site?

Yes, you can take advantage of the system's Redirects Manager. A redirect will take a page or document from your old website and direct it to the destination of your choice 

Access Tools>Redirects.on your new website.

  1. Click Add a Redirect.
  2. Paste the URL of the old  page or document via the Original URL field. This includes everything AFTER the .com,.org, etc. in the website address. (If your site is in the stage phase, you can ignore the staged URL; it will update once your website is launched.) Example: STAGED: ""  LAUNCHED: "".
  3. Select the redirect destination by clicking the Choose button under Redirects to.
  4. Follow the instructions for the appropriate redirect destination, then continue with steps 5 & 6 at the bottom:
  5. Current Site Page

    • Scroll or search for the page.
    • Click the Select button.

    External Website

    • Choose the URL tab.
    • Paste the FULL URL into the Page Address field (including the "http://" or "https://").
    • Click Choose URL.

    Current Site Document

    • Click the 'X' of the Page Picker popup.
    • In a NEW browser tab, open up your Pages via Website>Pages (OR hold Ctrl on your keyboard and click Pages from the sidebar).
    • Hit the Edit button of any existing page (changes will not be saved).
    • Highlight a piece of and choose the 'Link' icon from the toolbar.
    • Choose Browse Server.
    • Click the Media tab.
    • Locate your document and click it once.
    • In the preview window, hit the Select button.
    • You will be returned to the original popup, there, highlight and copy everything in the URL field.
    • Close out of the browser tab (as to not save any changes) and return to your redirects browser tab.
    • Hit the Choose button under Redirects to.
    • Click the URL tab and paste the URL into the Page Address field.
    • Select the Choose URL button.
  6. Select your preferred Redirect Type to the right 
  7. Permanent Redirect is highly recommended. Setting up a permanent redirect will eventually drop the old URL from search engine results and instead, will add the new one.

  8. Click Save Redirect.

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