Can I Use My Own Design or Get a Custom Design?

Yes and yes!

The theme editor was designed to empower you to build your own custom sites while still being able to use all of the CMS' tools. You can upload your custom markup, using popular Javascript libraries like Jquery and CSS pre-processors such as Less CSS. Start from scratch, or begin with example files to speed up the process ( Management>Themes>"Download an Example Theme" button).

If you don't have the time or expertise to build your own themes, you can look to our professional team of front-end developers to create one for you. You can also provide your own layered PSD files and the our team will convert the design to a theme in the theme market. Contact your account manager for pricing.

You can access the market and download themes directly to your site within your CMS via Management>Themes. Follow the directions in this article to get started!

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