Uploading Images

Uploading images can be achieved through the content editor, or from the media library.

Step 1: Choose How You Will Access Your Library

Option 1- Media Library
  • The media library is accessible via Tools>Media Library.
  • Click Website Media to access your library.
Option 2 - Content Editor
  • Within the content editor, place your cursor and select the 'Image' icon from the toolbar.
  • Click the Browse Server button.
  • Select the Media tab .

Step 2: Choose Files & Upload

  • Find the folder you wish to upload into and select it. (Additional folders can be created by selecting the New Folder button.)
  • Click Upload.
  • To choose images, you may drag and drop from a folder on your computer, or click the Add Files button.
  • Highlight, or hold down the control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard and click to select individual files.
  • Choose Open, then Begin Upload.
  • Once all images are listed at 100 percent, hit Close.

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