Add Image Gallery Album

To add an image gallery album:

  • Access: Website>Image Gallery.
  • Click the New Album button.
  • Provide an album name, then select Create.
  • Click Add Photos.
  • To select your images, you may drag and drop from a folder on your computer, or click the Add Files button.
  • Highlight a group, or hold down the control button (Ctrl) on your keyboard and click to select individual photos.
  • Choose Open, then Begin Upload.
  • Once the uploads are completed, hit Close.
  • You may reorder photos by dragging and dropping. All uploads and reorder edits are saved automatically.
  • Album display options are available by clicking the album’s Edit button from the album list. A recommended feature is the lightbox display, just switch the button to ON.
  • Save Changes when completed.

Albums can be viewed by adding "/gallery" after your website address (

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