Link a Menu Item to Document

Two steps are required:

1. Locate and Copy the Document's Filepath

The filepath is the location of the document in your media manager; this will serve as the link.

Access: Website>Pages.

  • Click the Edit button of any page. (Changes will NOT be saved).
  • Highlight any content (a word, picture, etc.), then select the 'Link' icon from the toolbar.
  • Choose the Browse Server button, then hit the Media tab.
  • Locate your document, then click it and press the Select button.
  • Within the URL field, highlight the text and copy. This is your filepath.
  • 'X' out of the window, then hit the OK button to confirm that the changes will not be saved.

2. Create Menu Item

Access: Website>Menus.

  • Select the menu from the list on the left.
  • Click the Add a Link button.
  • Enter the menu item's name in the Label field.
  • Hit the Choose button.
  • Select the URL tab and in the empty field, paste the filepath. The website address is NOT required.
  • Click Choose URL.
  • Check the New Window box. This will open the document in a new web browser tab.
  • Hit Save

Click here for instruction on reordering menu items.

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