Assign a Category

Categories can be assigned to select content items. They are used for organizational purposes, breaking down content into sub-sections. They benefit your site visitors by making it easy to locate the specific content that they want. 

A category can be applied to any news or blog article, event or content page.

  • Open up the respective content to edit, then locate the Categories field on the Details tab.
  • Click into the field and from the list, choose the category you would like to assign.
  • Alternatively, you can begin typing the name of the category, then select it when it appears.
  • Repeat this for any additional categories.

You may add multiple categories to a piece of content; it is not restricted to one.

For news, events and blog, any content that is assigned a category will be listed under that categories' unique link on the public view of the website.

To view the unique link, add the respective component's URL (see table below) to the tail end of your website address (ex. Each URL will list any categories that have been used with that component. From there, a visitor would click on a given category to see all of the content that has been assigned to it. 

Component URL
News /news/categories
Events /events/categories
Blog /blog/categories
Page N/A

The Page component uses categories for internal use only. This makes locating pages to edit, easier for administrators.

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