Add an Event

To add an event: 

  • Access: Website>Events.
  • Click the Create an Event button.
  • Enter your event name in the top text field.
  • Use the calendar and clock icons to choose beginning and end dates and times. If there are no designated times, check the All day box.
  • (Optional) Switch the Use short description button to ON. This will appear on the event list display. Just enter your text.
  • In the editor below, enter your full description content.
  • You can add a map of the location of the event. Just click Pick an Address. This will display along with an embedded map on the public view.
    • If your address is already listed, click the Select button. 
    • If not, choose New Address
      • Enter the location’s information. 
      • Choose Add Address.
  • An image may be added from your library to accompany the event list display.
  • Choose Save Event when completed.

Events can be viewed by adding “/events” after the dot com/ dot org, etc. in your website address (ex.

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