360 CMS Version 2

Congratulations! You're now running on the new and exciting version 2.0! This upgrade has loads of improvements, both visually and functionally. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you! Below are just a few key updates:

Navigation Menu

To the Left - To the Left - To the Left

Your menu is now located to the left as opposed to the top. The big reason we made this move is to allow more vertical editing space, reducing the need for scrolling. 

Back Button

Baby Got Back (Button)

Within each content manager, there is a new 'back' button at the top to return you to the manager's home screen. 



Now, you can flip between the tabs to the right without losing the editing screen; it will stay put! In addition, the page editor has the URL field available from the main screen for quicker access. 


A Website Administrator's Dream Come True

All of your blocks are now organized by position.


Wider Is Better! 

A much larger editing area awaits, along with improved drag and drop physics. You can also turn on/off menu items from the main screen!

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