Checking Your Sent Mail

The Sent Mail tool is an excellent way to track automatic communications that are sent from the website, such as a form’s automated response. This can help you make sure that desired information has reached users as intended, and allow you to resend an email if needed.

  • To access your sent mail, select Reports then Sent image
  • In the sent mail, you will see the Subject, Recipient, Sender, and date Sent for each image
  • You can use the filter fields, located above the email list to search for certain emails. Just enter a Subject, Recipient, and/or Sender, and click image
  • To view a sent email, click on View. You will see the information in the email load, with the Subject located at the top of the image
  • To resend the email, click the down arrow next to View, and click Resendsave image

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