Duplicating a Block

Duplicating a block can be a useful way of mimicking the style and function of an existing block with minimal effort, saving you time.

  • Open the Block editor.
  • Next to the Edit Block button, click on the Down Arrow.
  • Select Duplicate Block.save image
  • The duplicate block will appear in the same Position Section as the original. The name will be the same as the original, followed by “(Copy)”. (For Example: copying a block named  Sample will produce a block named Sample (Copy).
  • To edit the content, select Edit Block.save image
  • Edit the Name of the block.
  • Edit the Visibility if applicable.
  • Depending on your block type, add content, or make edits to your settings, then hit the Save Block button when finished.
  • Be sure to TURN ON the block when you are ready. 
    • The toggle can be found in the editor's General tab. You'll need to hit Save Block once more.
    • The toggle can also be found on the left side of the block in the block list itself. To get there, just hit the 'back' arrow next to Edit Block at the top.
      save image

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