Reordering Blocks

You can reorder your website's blocks if you want to display the blocks in a different order. This can be especially useful when you have blocks side by side or multiple blocks stacked atop one another.

  • Place your cursor over a blank section of the block bar (in most cases, the large blank space between the Name and Position sections will be ideal). You will know you are in a usable position because the cursor will turn into an Open Hand. save image
  • Click down and hold the click. The cursor Hand will Close, making the hand look like it is grabbed the block. This will only last as long as you are holding the click down. save image
  • Drag the block up or down depending on where you wish to place the block in relation to your other blocks. save image
  • You will also be able to drag the block up or down to new Positions. save image
  • When you release the click, the Block will remain in place.

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