Add a Product

To add a product: 


  • Access: Website>Commerce.
  • In the upper right, click the Commerce: Overview button and select Products.
  • In the upper left, choose New Product.
  • Enter your Item Name.
  • Enter in a Unique URL

The Unique URL follows the .com, .org, etc. in your web address. It should be relatively short and hyphens should be placed in between words. 

  • Enter in a Description of the product.

It is recommended to add a 'Category URL' to products that can be grouped together. Enter the Category URL, followed by a "/", then the product name. See below for examples:

Product Category URL
Product URL
Full Unique URL
Product /catalog /leather-jacket /catalog/leather-jacket
Service /services /tv-repair /services/tv-repair
/membership /elite-member /membership/elite-member
Donation /donation /general-donation /donation/general-donation
Event Registration
/events /business-seminar /events/business-seminar


  • Click the Add a Price Choice button.
  • Enter the Name, Amount and Details (details is optional) of this specific pricing option.
  • Repeat the process for additional pricing options.


In addition to the pricing choices you create for a donor to select from, they can also enter their own amount. For this, the Custom Amount feature must be enabled.

  • Click the Enable Custom Amount button so it turns blue.
  • Custom Amount Caption will function the same as the pricing name.
  • Button Text will display on the button beneath the custom amount option. Often, it is changed to "Donate" or "Donate Now".
  • Enter in a Minimum Amount. Generally, $5 is standard.
  • Select Save Item when complete. 

The product can be viewed any time by clicking the Unique URL below your product name in the product list.

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