Edit Default SEO Information

A web page's SEO information is something that can be configured to pull from a default set, or be customized to each page. While it is certainly recommended to customize each page's SEO details relative to the page's content, you can also setup defaults. These are more or less designed as a backup option so that if you don't provide unique SEO information for each page, you will still be generating an SEO presence.

Access: Management>Configuration.

  • Select the SEO tab to the left

(Website Default) Page Title

  • Enter the name of your company or organization. This will display on every page of your website AFTER the individual page's title.

There are two separate titles that combine to make your full page title:

1. Individual - This is entered on a page by page basis, stating the name of the page (see 1st screenshot below).

2. Default - This is entered only once, in the default settings. This contains the company/organization name. 

The individual page title will be followed by the default title (see 2nd screenshot below). 

Title Separator

  • Enter a divider "|" or a hyphen "-".

Meta Keywords

  • Enter a list of keywords or phrases relative to your company/organization and the services that you offer.

Separate by commas with a space after. i.e. (pool cleaning, pool installation, inground pool)

Meta Description

  • Enter a sentence describing your company/organization and the services that you offer.

For more information on SEO and instruction on how to change it uniquely for each page, visit Edit Page SEO Information.

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