Why Is My Facebook/Twitter Feed Not Showing?

If your site has a Facebook or Twitter feed/widget which no longer displays, you will need to update its code.

This type of issue is due to changes in API settings by the developers. API is what connects your Facebook/Twitter feed or widget to your website; it is how they communicate with each other. When you had installed your feed or widget, Facebook/Twitter provided you with code to put into your website. The code settings on their end have changed and in doing so, broke the connection, rendering your code invalid.

Unfortunately, there are no preventative measures that can be taken on our end, nor yours, for something like this. The developers call the shots, so if you would like to continue using their application, you must update your code to be compatible. 

See the appropriate articles below to re-add your feed :

You may skip Step 2 in the articles, as you already have a block created.

Add Facebook Feed

Add Twitter Feed

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