Add Script (Code) to Template

For third party applications that offer data tracking, they generally require that a certain script (or code), be placed within your website's template.This is how the account connects to your website so it may begin tracking. 

Most applications recommend placing the code between the 'head' tags (<head>  </head>) in the template. The following instructions are for adding code in this particular section.

To place:

  1. Access Management>Themes.
  2. Find your active theme (it's thumbnail will have a blue "Active" ribbon in the upper left).
  3. Hover the theme's thumbnail and a gear icon will appear - select it and choose View/Edit Files.
  4. On the left hand side, from the list of folders, choose Templates.
  5. Select the option beneath, page-layout.master.html.twig.
  6. Find the end 'head' tag, "</head>" and place your cursor BEFORE it, to the left of the "<". (This will generally be between lines 10-15.)
  7. Hit enter on your keyboard. You will have a new blank line above.
  8. Copy the script that was provided to you, then return to the editor. 
  9. Place your cursor within the blank line, then hold CTRL on your keyboard and hit V to paste.
  10. Click the Save Changes button in the upper right.

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