Prevent SPAM (Add CAPTCHA to a Form)

As is the case with email, website forms are also subject to SPAM. To reduce the likelihood of receiving SPAM in the first place, emails have filters, as forms have CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA is a set of characters, images, or a combination of the two. The request to type in these characters or select a designated group of images will verify that you are in fact a human, not a robot. This makes it extremely difficult for SPAM to be submitted.

Our CMS' CAPTCHA is currently enabled with Google's reCAPTCHA. This displays a single box that must be checked. Afterwards, it will also request that you select a set of similar images from a list. This ensures that SPAM cannot get through.

To Enable Captcha:

  • Access: Tools>Forms.
  • Select the appropriate form from the list on the left.
  • Click the Edit This Form button.
  • On the Form tab to the right, scroll and make sure the SPAM Guard toggle is set to ON.
  • Select Save Form.

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