Add Form

Access: Tools>Forms.

1. Create Form

  • Click the New Form button in the top left.
  • Type in the form name, then hit Create.

2. Add Fields

This step involves adding fields to the form layout.

  • Select the new form from the list on the left.
  • Click Edit this Form.
  • To the right, click the Design tab.
  • Scroll down to select a Form Field. 
  • Drag the desired field into the form builder to the left, or click it once.

3. Field Settings

This step allows you to configure settings for each individual field.

  • Select the field on the left.
  • In the right sidebar:
    • Field Label - Name of the field.
    • Require a value for this field checkbox - Forces a visitor to fill out the field, otherwise it will result in an error message.
    • Field Size - Applies a defined width percentage to the field.
    • Help Text - Gray text that displays below field to provide additional direction for the visitor.
    • Validation - Checking a box will ensure that requirement is met, otherwise it will result in an error message.
    • Checkboxes, Option Buttons & Dropdown Fields ONLY - The Choices section will be available. You can enter in as many options that you would like for the visitor to choose from.
    1. Enter a choice name in the white box.
    2. Hit the 'Plus' button to add another choice.
    3. Repeat for additional choices.
    4. Choices can be reordered by dragging and dropping. Click the 'Drag' icon to the left of the white box.

4. Form Settings/Configure Form Action

This step allows you to modify what actions your form will perform when it is submitted.

  • Select the Form tab on the right.
  • Form Name - Name of your form (internal).
  • Follow Up Page - Page the visitor will be automatically redirected to after the form is submitted.
    • Click the Choose button.
    • Hit the Select button next to the appropriate page.
  • Submit Button Text - Text that will display on the form's submit button.
  • Form Actions - Allows you to select what action(s) your form should take when it is submitted. (Click the action's link below for configuration instructions.)
    • Auto Responder - Sends a response to the form submitter.
    • Mail - Sends an email notification to designated recipients.
    • Register a User - Creates a user account for the form submitter.
  • Spam Guard - Places Google ReCaptcha below your form so that visitor has to check the box in order to submit the form. This reduces spam.
  • Save Form when completed.

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