Setting Up Data Collection

Data Collection can be a great way to gather additional information from a user when they are purchasing a product or registering for a member directory. While the display of the Data Collection form can vary, the method for setup is the same, regardless of function.

Step 1: Create Data Collection Form

  • Access: Tools> image
  • Under Extra Data, select Data image
  • There are several types of Data Collection Forms available: Commerce and Directory are defaults. If you have the Content Server plugin enabled, that will be available as well. 
  • Next to the appropriate category, click New to create a new form (or Edit for an existing form).
  • Provide your form with a Name, then click image
  • In the form editor, add your form fields that will allow you to best collect the information you wish to gather.

Follow steps 2 & 3 in this article if you are unfamiliar with how to add/modify form fields.

  • Click Save image

Step 2: Assign Data Collection Form

Commerce Products

  • Access: Website>Commerce, then choose image
  • Find the product you wish to add the form to and select it from the left panel.
  • In the right panel, below Product Details Form, select the desired form that you had created in step 1.

save image

  • Click Save Item.

Member Directory

  • Access: Website>Member Directory.
  • Locate the directory you wish to add the Data Collection form to, then click the 'gear' icon>Edit image
  • In the Directory Editor, select the Profile Forms image
  • Under the Profile Forms tab, choose your form from the Add Profile Form drop-down.
  • Click Save image

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